NHRF's Central Administration

The Central Administration (C.A.) constitutes the fundamental core of NHRF bearing the overall responsibility for the management of the administrative, financial and technical issues of the Organization. Furthermore, the C.A. is responsible for NHRF's representation in international organizations, its relation with funding bodies (Ministries, Organizations, Industry, European Union), the management and monitoring of research projects as well as the organization of educational events and book publishing.

The Central Administration consists of:

  • the Administrative Section
  • the Accounting and Procurements' Section
  • the Technical Services and Administrative Support Section
  • the Project Management Office
  • the Publicity and Promotion Office

The operation of the Central Administration focuses on:

  • The administrative support of the Institutes
  • The development of modern working practices
  • The planning of infrastructure in order to achieve economies of scale
  • The submission of proposals to the Board of Directors on issues of strategic development
  • The coordination of joint programs, which involve more than one Institute
  • The development of promotional activities

The Central Administration aims at the upgrade of the Institutes through the following actions:

1. Infrastructure – Human Resources

  • Upgrade of the premises
  • Upgrade of the laboratory facilities
  • Optimization of the computer systems

2. Cooperation Networks

NHRF's active participation in EU Cooperation Networks is a basic priority. One of the strategic goals of NHRF is its strong presence in the region of Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean through collaboration with partners of the region in the framework of projects on research, technology and culture. For that reason, NHRF aims, as well, at the collaboration with other Greek Research Organizations