NHRF Central Administration

Director & Chairman of the Board

Professor Dimosthenis Sarigiannis

email: president[at]eie.gr | T: +

President's Office

  Mpakola Lizeta mpakol[at]eie.gr T: +


Administrative Director

Petrohilou Ioanna

email: ipet[at]eie.gr | T: +

Administrative Section

Central Administration Unit grammateia[at]eie.gr  
Secretary, Protocol Hatzoglou Despina xatzod[at]eie.gr Τ. +
Operations support Kontogianni Maria mkont[at]eie.gr T: +
Usher Karkatsoulis Georgios gkarkatsoulis[at]eie.gr T: +
Occupational doctor Karayiannis Konstantinos    
Human Resources Office hr[at]eie.gr  
Office Manager Siska Kleoniki nsiska[at]eie.gr T: +
Executives Gritzala Marianna mgritzala[at]eie.gr T: +
  Militsi Athanasia amilitsi[@]eie.gr T: +
Project Management Office gdye[at]eie.gr  
Office Manager Foniadaki Kleoniki klerifo[at]eie.gr T: +
Executives Ritou Georgia gritou[at]eie.gr T: +
  Telali Christina telali[at]eie.gr T: +
  Simoglou Athanasia asimoglou[at]eie.gr T: +
Public Procurement Office    
Person in Charge Karvouni Ippolyti ipkarvouni[at]eie.gr T: +
  Parousi Kallirroi kparousi[at]eie.gr T: +
Publicity & Promotion Office    
Conference Halls & Events Management Kontogianni Maria mkont[at]eie.gr T: +
Communications & Public Affairs Markopoulou Eleni emarkopoulou[at]eie.gr T: +
  Kontogianni Maria mkont[at]eie.gr T: +
Executive Korozi Melpomeni mkorozi[at]eie.gr T: +

Library of Science Technology & Culture (''The K.Th. Dimaras Library'')

Library Coordination Ydraiou Ioanna iydraiou[at]eie.gr T: +
Excecutives Bartzi Katerina kbartzi[at]eie.gr T: +
  Rapti Vallia valliarapti[at]eie.gr T: +
Information & Requests submission   library[at]eie.gr T. +

Accounting & Procurement's Department


Supervisor Rekleitis Antonios arekleitis[at]eie.gr T: +
Coordination Office    
Coordinator Tamvakis Minas tamvakm[at]eie.gr T: +
Financial Advisor Loukoutou Christina  cloukoutou[at]eie.gr  
Secretary - Reception      
  Alexopoulou Αphrodite alexopoulou[at]eie.gr T: +
Budget Monitoring & Financial Reporting
Executives Lazou Ria lazous[at]eie.gr T: +
  Maragou Anthi amaragou[at]eie.gr T: +
  Kaskouta Filio tkaskouta[at]eie.gr T: +
Accounting Office    
Executives Dimopoulos Aris dimopa[at]eie.gr T: +
  Gavala Maria gavala[at]eie.gr T: +
  Kagelari Anna akagel[at]eie.gr T: +
Executive Marianou Kandia marian[at]eie.gr T: +
Person in Charge Kagelari Anna akagel[at]eie.gr T: +
Deputy Person in Charge Alexopoulou Αphrodite alexopoulou[at]eie.gr T: +

Technical Services and Administrative Support Department

Deputy Supervisor Thanopoulos Panagiotis pthanop[at]eie.gr T: +
Networks & Informatics  
IT Manager Thanopoulos Panagiotis pthanop[at]eie.gr T: +
Executive Hatzihristos Antonios ahatzih[at]eie.gr T: +
Website Vossou Aggeliki avossou[at]eie.gr  
Building Maintenance & Operation sintirisi[at]eie.gr  
Maintenance Team Coordinator Kamitsos Georgios gkamitsos[at]eie.gr T: +
Electrician  Roumeliotis Christos croumel[at]eie.gr T: +
Electrician Katsaros Konstantinos kkatsaros[at]eie.gr T: +
Maintenance support Karkatsoulis Georgios gkarkatsoulis[at]eie.gr T: +
Safety Technician Radiotis Efstathios safety[at]eie.gr T: +
Cleaning Service    
Coordinator Slouta Aikaterini   T: +
Building Safety & Protection      
  Stamatis Konstantinos kstam[at]eie.gr T: +
  Kranas Petros pkranas[at]eie.gr T: +



Legal Councelor NHRF Agapaki Dimitra dagapaki[at]eie.gr T: +



Head Petrohilou Ioanna ipet[at]eie.gr T: +
Executive Manou Olga omanou[at]eie.gr T: +


Other contact information

Committee for hygiene & safety     eyae[at]eie.gr
Research Ethics and Deontology Committee     ehde[at]eie.gr
Committee for Gender Equality and Monitoring of Violence and Harassment     mgritzala[at]eie.gr
Euraxess     mobility[at]eie.gr
NHRF's Personnel Association     speie[at]eie.gr


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