[e-NIOS Applications S.A Spin-off //.e-Noesis Inspired Operational Systems

e-NIOS Applications S.A. (e-Noesis Inspired Operational Systems, www.e-nios.com) is a NHRF spin-off company specialized in Bioinformatics, recently founded by the members of the Metabolic Engineering and Bioinformatics Group, Aristotle Chatziioannou (Research Associate Professor), Eleftherios Pilalis and Ioannis Valavanis (post-doctoral researchers). The expertise of the e-NIOS team is inherently multidisciplinary, encompassing extensive research experience in the fields of Bioinformatics, Genomics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Operational Research and Decision Support Systems.

The mission of the company is to accelerate cutting edge research and innovative health services in the field of personalized/precision medicine, through the development of software solutions that provide the integrative analysis of molecular data generated from high throughput technologies (DNA/RNA-seq, microarrays). The computational platform of the company addresses the need for rapid analysis and interpretation of high throughput molecular data, by efficiently resolving the observed complexity and delivering critical molecular factors, which constitute targets for therapeutics (drug development/repositioning) and diagnostics (biomarkers).

e-NIOS recently announced an investment deal of 80K € pre-seed funding that will drive its early development. More specifically, the Piraeus Jeremie (PJ) Technology Catalyst Fund (http://www.pjtechcatalyst.com), a Greek Venture Capital Fund and IQbility (http://www.iqbility.com), a member of Quest Group, invested 60K and 20K €, respectively. The deal will be reflected to the new shareholdings in e-NIOS share capital, in which NHRF participates, as well. 

The company has as well received substantial support by initiatives promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece, e.g.  the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the National Technical University of Athens (MKE-NTUA) and the Enter-Grow-Go (EGG) action of Eurobank.