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Historical Archive of Greek Youth

in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Youth

Project objectives

The H.A.G.Y. is a research and publishing project of the General Secretariat of Youth that started on 1983 and since 1994 is hosted by the Section of Neohellenic Research. Its objective is the study and highlighting of the historical dimension of youth and childhood, through the examination of their demographic, cultural, social and psychological parameters, aiming on the one hand at their reduction to historical categories, and on the other at the determination of the identity of present day Greek youth.

The Programme has commissioned 103 research projects, has published 48 books (57 volumes, 26.000 pages); has created a CD-ROM (2003) and a DVD (2011) presenting the Programme and containing 48 books in digital form; its content is also available online, at


HAGY Committee

Spyros Asdrachas, Research Director Emeritus
Giannis Gianoulopoulos, Professor Emeritus
Triantafyllos Sklavenitis, Research Director

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