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Historical Study of Settlements in Greece (15th-20th c.)

The Programme dealing with the systematic collection of material documentation regarding the historical geography and demography, the ekistics, the ethnocultural groups, the traditional economic activities and the administrative history of Greece, since the collapse of the Byzantine empire up to the creation of the modern Greek state and its gradual expansion to its present boundaries (15th-20th c.).
Programme purposes:

  • the historical study of regions and settlements and their individuals problems and issues
  • the composition of data bases for those objects, c) the record and the management of documentation material on the history of settlements, d) the creation of a Historical Dictionary concerning settlements.



The one who inspired and founded the specific project is Vassilis Panayotopoulos, who worked over several years in the Laboratory of Demography in Paris. His thesis about the population and the settlements of Peloponnese was the first and most important scientifique attempt in the field of historical demography and geography for the greek modern history.

A comprehensive approach of the methodological problems is being attempted in the context of this project. Problems that arise in regard to identification and critical use of sources of historical geography and demography in Greece compared with similar scientific projects abroad.



Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Senior Research Associate,Supervisor of the Programme


Leonidas Kallivretakis, Research Director
Sofia Matthaiou, Research Associate
Vassilis Panagiotopoulos Research Director Emeritus
Savvas Tsilenis, Researcher attached from other Institute
Nikos Alevyzakis, External Research Fellow 
Christos Chrysanthopoulos, Research Collaborator 
Eleni Kyramargiou, Research Collaborator
Andromachi Marouda, Research Collaborator
Vallia Rapti, Research Collaborator
Stefanos Vamiedakis, Research Collaborator 


Parallel Actions

A. Historical study of settlements in Greece (15th-20th c.) Documentation - Research activities

A1) Island settlements in Cyclades – Archival documentation

In relation to the research of island settlements, a great number of various actions according the detection, classification and creation of archival catalogues -particularly those from municipalities or communities- have taken place, as far as the data processing in order to become accessible to the public.
All these actions are carried through from the collaborators on contract of I.H.R and funded by islands local administration bodies and others. For more information follow the page Archeiothiki Cycladon.


A2) Residential setting of Attica – Documentation

Municipal Archive of Drapetsona
Municipal Archive of Ymittos

In 2008, a project came in our research forefront, which basically manages with the residential setting of Attica, but more precisely the areas that refugee population settled in 1922. The basic subjects of this task enclose issues such as: rapid changes in residential and population constitution of the settlements of Attica which the arrival of the refugees heralded, the degree of their integration in Greek society, the demographic aspects of the communities e.t.c.


Documentation for the established of settlements of Piraeus

Drapetsona, Keratsini, Perama, Nikaia and Agios Ioannis Rentis are settlements that had been created within the administrative boundaries of Piraeus Municipality, nevertheless, barren of urban planning and street design and thus state control. The majority of refugees that settled in Piraeus found temporary shelter in public buildings, schools, derelict warehouses and ended up in wooden shacks that they usually built for themselves.

In this project we attempted to outline these five settlements around some pillars:
the population evolution, the electoral behavior and the residential development. According to that plan, demographic data based on population censuses from 1920 to 1961 have been collected, professional drivers had been indexed and through bibliography we endeavored a first approach to the residential core of the settlements.

Editor: Eleni Kyramargiou
Municipality of Ioannis Rentis
Municipality of Drapetsona
Municipality of Keratsini
Municipality of Nikaia
Municipality of Perama

A3) Gortynia: archival detection and research

During the period 2011-2013 IHR in collaboration with the General State Archives (Municipality of Arcadia) and the local administration, accomplished the project of archival detection and research in Lagkadia.
Christos Chrisanthopoulos, our external collaborator, identified, after field investigations, much archival material in warehouses, town halls etc., the central settlements and former municipal seats such as Vitina, Demetsana, Paloumpa, Mygdalia, Kondovazena, Langadia, Stemnitsa and Trophies and individual communities in Gortynia.

Archival catalogue of Lagkadia
Editor: Christos Chrisanthopoulos


Α4) Information for the greek settlements network

Livadeia settlements
Database involving information, data and statistics about the settlements and population development of the province.
Editor: Dimitris Dimitropoulos


Settlements of "Meriki Geographia" by Argyris Fillipidis"
Population data of Thessaly and Central Greece, recorded in "Meriki Geographia" by Argyris Fillipidis (1815). Detailed description is given in the Greek version.
Editor: Dimitris Dimitropoulos

Detailed description is given in the Greek version


B. The Archive of Ali Pasha

Over the past few years, the self-containedproject of the "Ali Pasha Archive", transcribed and annotated, is being carried out under the Reasearch Programme and the supervision of Vassilis Panagiotopoulos. During the years 2007-8, four massive volumes of these works were effectively published through the cooperation of Panagiotis Michailaris, who is the present supervisor of the project, and Dimitris Dimitropoulos. Adding to that, this initiative has already been carried forward with the publication of archival documents, kept at the National Archives of Greece and the Benaki Museum. In this last task, Andromachi Marouda and Vallia Rapti, two of the collaborators on contract of I.H.R., have also participated.

C. Heraldic Monuments of Greece

During our investigation, our interest in the Heraldic monuments, as sources of the administrative and political history has evolved gradually. Partners of our project have conducted an extensive archival and localized search, which in end, has established a methodically documented collection. This project is a joined effort of the I.H.R. and the field of Modern Political History Department, under the supervision of Leonidas Kallivretakis.

D. The Ermoupoli Seminars

Since 1985, the research team of the Programme has been organizing the "Ermoupoli's Seminars" in the homonym city of Syros, in coordination with the Scientific and Educational Foundation of Cyclades. This annual event takes place every July, lasts for about two weeks and includes interdisciplinary meetings, speeches and "round-table" discussions concerning various fields of social and human sciences, with the participation of many scientists from all over the world, as well as the local community.

E. Local History: theory and methodology for research and educational actions

Basic position on the renewal of historical studies is the recognition of the importance of many new items both in the field of historical research and teaching in this exploitation in school history. The study focuses on the emerging field of research and teaching of local history. The aim of this study is to highlight how to connect a modern historiographical approach of local history as with its applications in the classroom. This action research has three objectives. a) The examination and understanding of theory and methodology of local history as an interdisciplinary field b) through a specially designed online-site to develop a paradigm that will serve as a guide for research or educational actions of local history from the users, researchers, teachers or collectives and c) coordination of communication and interaction of researchers, teachers and social activities related to local history. This dynamic study and presentation of local history may give new impetus to the production of studies and educational activities.

Study group: Matthaiou Sophia (Coordinator,National Hellenic Research Foundation), Kallivretakis Leonidas (National Hellenic Research Foundation), Dimitris Dimitropoulos (National Hellenic Research Foundation), Kamonahou Maria (General State Archives), Chrysanthopoulos Christos (National Hellenic Research Foundation), Zografou Katerina (General State Archives).

Completed projects


Under the Research Programme has taken place as well the research and applied work of Giannis Saitas "Mani: society, settlements and cultural activities", concerning the documentation, search and exposure of the historical-geographical area of Mani. This task has been based on both methods of fieldwork (schemas and analysis) and archival, historical, demographical and anthropological approaches.


Scientific Collaborations

Permanent cooperation with the Laboratoire de Demographie Historique of "Ecole des hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales" in Paris and more specificaly with the relative programmes "'Espace et territoire: representations geographiques, pratiques politiques, espace public et morphologie spatiale'' and ''Paroisses et Communes de France: Dictionnaire d'Histoire Administrative et Demographique''. The joint research projects ''Pratiques de l'espace et identites sociales dans l'Archipel grec'', ''Archipel grec et espaces regionaux en Mediterranee'' and ''Espace et societe : frontieres comme enjeux sociaux'' have been launched within the above work.

Special collaboration with the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow.

Cooperation in specific fields with the History Department of the Ionian University (Corfu), the Department of History and Archaeology of Crete (Rethimnon), the School of Architecture of N.T.U.A., and the Department of Surveying Engineering, (Technological Educational Institute of Athens).


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