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The Greek Press

The Program investigates the history of the Greek press from the very beginning, in 1784, until the end of the 20th century. The Program aims at conducting a thoroughly documented research on the newspapers and magazines published in Greece, as well as in the Greek communities of the Diaspora.  Moreover, the Research examines aspects of Press’ history, such as its political role and publications subjected to censorship. Press archives as historical sources constitute a thriving field of historiography, thus revealing the significance of the “Greek Press” Research Program of the Institute of Historical Research.

Program Goals

  • Program’s database (already containing more than 20.000 records of Greek newspapers from 18th to 20th century) enrichment and updating in order to create a “National Index of documents”. In this way, the Research Program has scientific collaboration with institutions with an abundance of press archives  (National Library, the Library of the Hellenic Parliament, Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive Society / National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, the  , Contemporary Social History Archives).

  • Digital publications and documented digital editions.  The index of persons (1st Part) of the Encyclopedia of Greek Press, 1784-1974, will be soon available online at the website of the Institute.

  • Seminars and conferences on the history of the Greek press.



The Research Program was founded by Loukia Droulia. From 1996 to 2008 she worked endeavoring to conduct a thoroughly documented study of the editions of Greek newspapers and magazines. The publication of the four-volume Encyclopaedia of the Greek Press, covering the period 1784-1974 (edited by Loukia Droulia and Gioula Koutsopanagou) is the most significant project carried out by the researchers of the program.  The edition includes approximately 2,500 lemmata, of Greek newspapers and magazines published in Greece or abroad (in the Greek language) and a selected presentation of persons who played a crucial role in the aforementioned publications (editors, directors, journalists, cartoonists). After the retirement of Loukia Droullia, Leonidas Kallivretakis became the Research Director and under his scientific supervision a lot of new volumes have been published.



Leonidas Kallivretakis, Research Director
Katerina Dede, Senior Researcher

Other members

Loukia Droulia†, Research Director Emerita


Conferences and Events
  • Organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and the University of Cyprus of the conference Έλεγχος ιδεών και λογοκρισία από τις απαρχές της ελληνικής τυπογραφίας μέχρι το Σύνταγμα του 1844 [Control of ideas and censorship from the beginnings of Greek typography to the Constitution of 1844] (Nicosia, 18-20 November 2015).
  • Organization of the International Conference Ο Ελληνικός Τύπος 1784 ως σήμερα- Ιστορικέ ςκαι θεωρητικές προσεγγίσεις [The Greek Press from 1784 until today-Historical and theoritical approaches] (Athens, 23-25 May 2002).
  • Organization in collaboration with the Greek Literary and Historical Archive of the exhibition Έξι περί Τύπου Ενότητες [six sections about Press] (23-25 May 2002).



  • The Library of the Hellenic Parliament
  • The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI)



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