Institute of Historical Research

The objective of the Institute of Historical Research (IHR/NHRF) is the research of the political, economic, social and cultural history of the Hellenic area and the regions where Hellenism has been active, from prehistoric antiquity to the modern era.

The Institute was formed in 2012 from the development of the three former humanities institutes of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (KERA, IBR and INR), the oldest Greek research institutions on historical and philological sciences. Its research activities focus on the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, as well as the training of younger researchers, thus contributing decisively to national self-awareness and international scientific cooperation in the scientific fields it serves.

The Institute’s research activity is organized into three Sections:


Programs and Projects

The Institute’s research Programs and Projects aim at documenting and studying the ancient, medieval and modern history of the Hellenic area, and at the cooperation of all three sections, in an effort to produce synthetic diachronic approaches. The objectives of the Institute’s Programs and Projects are:

  • the study of Greek and Roman Antiquity, aiming at a renewal of antiquity studies through the systematic collection, processing and computerization of evidence from literary sources, inscriptions, coins and other archaeological findings, as well as the systematic exploration of areas such as ancient ideology and art, technology and measurement, economy and social mobility.

  • the study of the history and culture of Byzantium and its relations with medieval Europe, the Balkans and the wider area of the eastern Mediterranean through evidence from literary sources, both philological and archival, objects of art and archaeological findings.

  • the study of the history of modern Hellenism from the 15th to the 20th century, based on the critical approach of primary sources. Emphasis is given on the study of culture, institutions and ideology, literature, art and sciences (positive sciences and humanities), Ottoman studies, the history of populations, historical geography, economic history, business history and modern political history.



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