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Material Synthesis and Physical Chemistry

Applied Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Applied Spectroscopy Laboratory of TPCI (ASL, est. 1997) is the active interface between in-house research and the industry.  The lab aims at matching (and often creating) a genuine private demand in the country for the research output of TPCI.   The operating concept of ASL endorses the direct collaboration with the industry, not subsidized by the state or the EU. 

Benefiting industries include the pharmaceutical sector, cosmetics and healthcare, polymers (including packaging materials), organic coatings and surfaces, chemicals, minerals, etc.
ASL is specialized in the development of new vibrational spectroscopic and chemometric methodologies for the characterization of materials and processes, tailored for the specific requirements of industrial R&D and QC.  In addition, ASL provides specialized personnel training and consulting services.

Commonly sought services include the conformity analysis of raw materials and finished products, reaction monitoring and process analytics, structure/property relationships, development of chemometric algorithms, study of solid-state reactions (incl. polymorphic transitions and ageing effects), mineral exploration and processing, identification of defects and contaminants etc.



Dr. G. D. Chryssikos, Tel. +30 210-7273819, e-mail: gdchryss []
Dr. E. Siranidi, Tel. +30 210-7273836, e-mail: esiranidi []


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