The full exploitation of materials requires design, synthesis and the thorough understanding of their structure and the ways in which it is related to their fundamental properties. Research at TPCI aims at the theoretical and experimental investigation of matter in the atomic, molecular and condensed matter levels. TPCI has acquired strong expertise in both theoretical and experimental directions by developing and employing techniques for understanding the nature of matter and its interaction with electromagnetic radiation.

Theoretical activities focus on the development of methods and ab initio calculations of structure, properties and spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, the study of matter in strong fields, of chemical bonding, of dynamics of clusters and biological macromolecules, and of nonlinear systems.

Experimental activities incorporate the synthesis, the study of structure, and the dynamics of inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid systems with novel electronic and optoelectronic properties (such as low-dimensional and glassy materials, layered crystals and polymers), and laser-matter interactions in the range from vacuum-ultraviolet to the near-infrared, materials for nanolithography, imaging, bio-photonics and other photonics applications.

Our theoretical and experimental activities incorporate the work of the following teams :


Theoretical and Computational Chemistry and Physics


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