Clean room Photonics

Photonics and Nano-applications systems

  • Optical nano-fiber development system.
  • Optical fiber measurement system.
    The above clean room platforms comprise the following supporting systems:
  • Two anti-shock grade optical tables MELLES GRIOT.
  • Radiation detectors.
  • A variety of laser sources (HeNe, diode, CO2).
  • Optical fiber fusion splicer and cleaver FITTEL.
  • Three high spatial resolution motorized stages for nano-fiber production.
  • Three xyz micro-positioners with 125 m wide V-Grooves for holding optical fibers.
  • Digital oscilloscopes TEKTRONIX 100 200 MHz.
  • Acid wet bench.
  • Professional Optical design system ZEMAX.
  • Optical power meter NEWPORT.
  • Optical power meter THORLABS.
  • Optical spectrum analyzer ANDO.
  • SRS Lock-in amplifier.
  • Generic electronic and RF instrumentation (e.g., digital oscilloscope, pulse generators, power supplies, frequency and waveform generator, several electronics devices, data processing and acquisition systems).
  • A variety of flexible optical and optomechanical systems for the development of laboratory and pre-indusrtial grade setups. This infrastructure has been complemented by the development, installation and operation of: (a) Integrated photonic sensors testing system. (b) Laser beam transmission system in optical .... environment. (c) Surface material treatment system by use of a CO2 (=10.6m) laser. (d) polymer microstructure patterning system with applications in photonics devices.



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