Photonics and Nano-applications

Vacuum Ultra Violet (VUV) micro-machining.

The VUV-micromachining working station is capable of processing different materials (from polymers to hard alloys) with 1m resolution. A user-friendly software, (besides controlling the experimental parameters), has one additional degree of freedom that allows surface modification and processing with specified patterning. The main components of the system are: (1) The 157 nm laser (Lambda-Physik LPF 200). (2) The VUV high quality beam projection optics. (3) The computer control X-Y-Z- motorized stage, combined with one CCD imaging system for real time imaging and automatic control. The system is operating inside a shielded chamber in N2 environment.

Applications include surface modification and functionalization of thin polymeric films for sensing and space applications and DNA chip manufacturing.


VUV- pulsed laser deposition (157 nm).

The pulsed laser deposition workstation is used to fabricate core-shell nanostructures (1-100nm) of hard intermetallic alloys. The main components of the system are: (1) The 157 nm laser (Lambda-Physik LPF 200). (2) The VUV high quality axial laser beam focusing optics. (3) The computer control X-Y-Z motorized stage bearing the substrate where the core-shells are grown. The system is operating at high vacuum conditions inside an all-stainless-steel chamber. High quality nano-structured core-shells, semiconductors and quazicrystals, have been synthesized with this configuration and applications include: (1) Investigation of the magnetic and electronic properties on nano-structures. (2) Development of new photonics systems with defined functionalization such as photovoltaics. (3) Hydrogen storage nano-materials from intermetallic alloys. (4) Quazicrystals, and (5) magnetic core-shells.


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