Photonics and Nano-applications

Activities are related to ''Photonic Functional Materials, methodologies, processes and devices for nano-applications and information processing''. Activities follow a streamline of increasing but coherent complexity from atoms and molecules to size-dependent functionality and then to devices and modules. The activities impact on major technological and social sectors such as photonic applications for lithography, information storage and processing, biology and environment. Specific research interests include:

  • The investigation of size-dependent physical properties and response of materials in the nanoscale.
  • Photonic modulation and functionalization of surfaces and structures.
  • The development of innovative systems and processes based on nano-technologies. Applications include environment, bio-photonics, and energy.
  • Integrating photonic systems. Photonic devices and the development of new photonic systems based on novel engineered structures that present particular functionality.
  • The promotion of new technology and services to traditional, but also the modern sectors of production in Greece and abroad, through the established Photonics for Nano-application Services Laboratory.

Photonics and nanostructures

The main objective of the photonics and nanostructure laboratory is to decode and control in the mesoscopic region (1-100 nm): (a) the optical, electronic and magnetic response of materials, (b) the chemical functionality, (c) the hydrophobic and self-assembly deeds, (d) the polar and hydrogen bonding, (e) the coherence and (f) the entropy and fluctuations. This is accomplished mainly by:

  • Photonic synthesis of advanced functional materials, structures and methodologies in the nano-scale by short wavelength light in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV 30-180 nm) spectral region.
  • Photonic functionalization and processing of surfaces and interfaces with VUV light.

The laboratory is equipped with: (a) Light sources in the VUV region of the spectrum. (b) Imaging equipment in the nano-scale. (c) Materials/surface processing apparatus and, (d) analytical instruments for characterization and evaluation of results.

The photonics and Nano-structures at short wavelengths laboratory has the following working stations:

  • VUV- micro-machining.
  • VUV- pulsed laser deposition.
  • X-UV (30-110 nm), VUV (110-180 nm), UV (193-350 nm) light sources.
  • Ultra high vacuum chamber for simulating space conditions.
  • Imaging at the micro/nano-scale.
  • Processing of materials at the nano-scale.
  • Crystal growth facility (Bridgman-Stockbarger).
  • VUV-analytical equipment.

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