Materials Synthesis, Growth & Processing

Laboratories for synthesis of
    (a) organic and polymer compounds
    (b) carbon-based nanostructured materials
    (c) high-temperature synthesis of inorganic compounds
including evacuation hoods, vacuum lines with oil and diffussion pumps, rotary vacuum evaporators, drying ovens, vacuum oven with controlled environment, microwave reactor, sonication baths, centrifuges, HPLC with 5 different columns for fullerenes (5PYE, ByckyPrep, ByckyPrep-M, 5PBB, RPFULL), 3 high-temperature furnaces (1700 C), etc.

Working with a vacuum line.

Glass blowing at TPCI. Recycling High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system (JAI, LC-9101), used for the separation of (a) fullerenes depending on their size, (b) fullerenes from metallo-fullerenes, (c) structural isomer materials, etc.


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