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Marie Curie Actions TOK-Development Project MTKD-CT-2004-509836 (MACROGENEX)

Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

- Joyce T. and Pintzas, A. (2007) Microarray analysis to reveal genes involved in colon carcinogenesis.
Exp. Opin. Pharmacotherapy, 8, 895-900.

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In preparation

-Leichter, M., Marko, M., Patrinou-Georgoula, M., Tora, L., and Guialis, A.
The specific transcription factor TAF15 can associate with a subset of the spliceosomal U1 snRNP complex.
In preparation

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In preparation

-Mitsiou, D. J., Alexis, M. N., and Stunnenberg, H. G. Retinoid regulation of RAR2 promoter in embryonal carcinoma cells.
In preparation







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