Institute of Historical Research, Section of Byzantine Research

The Section of Byzantine Research (originally the Centre for Byzantine Research) was established in 1960 for the purpose of promoting the study of Byzantine history and civilization. The Section's research activities are organised in programmes which cover a wide range of research fields and expertise. Individual and collective studies are based on written sources, literary and archival, works of art and archaeological findings. The programmes also investigate relations between Byzantium and medieval Europe, the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

The Section participates in the international community of Byzantine studies with its long-term programmes, its scholarly publications and the staff's systematic participation in international conferences in Greece and abroad.

The Section hosts international conferences and colloquia which explore topics relevant to the scientific activities of its Programs. Academics and visiting researchers from Greece and abroad are invited to give lectures and seminars which are attended by the IHR staff and postgraduate students.

Section for Byzantine Research Programmes


Publishing Activity

Since 1966, the Section has published a total of 84 volumes distributed in nine series which contain primary source research, project publications, monographs and international colloquia proceedings.

'Symmeikta', the Section's journal, constitutes a separate series, numbering 17 printed volumes. From 2009, the journal is also published online with open access under the title 'Byzantina Symmeikta' ( Digitized previous volumes can also be accessed from the same link.


Educational Activity

The 'Historical Sciences Seminar' taught by staff members, colleagues from other NHRF Sections, as well as other experts and researchers is offered annually at the IBR since 1987. The seminar is addressed to graduate and postgraduate students who wish to acquire the necessary skills for historical research.

The IBR also organises in collaboration with the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens the annual postgraduate and interdisciplinary seminar 'Nikos Oikonomides'.


Electronic Data Bases

• Archaeology of the City of Athens:
• Byzantine History Data Bank
• Byzantine Monuments of Attica:
• Dreaming in Byzantium:
• Hagiography of the Later Byzantine Period (1204-1453):
• Modern Applications of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Bookbinding
• NHRF Repository - 'Helios':
• Pandektis: Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture:

Services to Visiting Researchers

The IBR in collaboration with the other two NHRF humanities Sections projects the creation of an International Centre of Greek Studies. In the frame of this initiative the Section acts as host to Alexander S. Onassis Foundation fellowship holders, providing them with scholarly and technical support.


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