Advanced Lecture Course
May 27th - June 1st, 2016, Spetses island, Greece

"Molecular basis of human diseases:
50 years anniversary of Spetses summer schools"

Travel plan 1 (the longest but less expensive trip)

1) fly to Athens International Airport (AIA).
2) go by bus (1 1/2-2 hrs), metro (1 hr 20 min) or taxi (1 hr 20 min)
to Athens harbour (Piraeus).
3) take a hydrofoil/catamaran (2 1/2 hrs) to the Island of Spetses.
4) take a water taxi (3 min), a taxi (5 min), a horse buggy (5 min) or walk (25 min) from Spetses Harbour to Spetses Hotel.

Travel plan 2 (the easiest, fastest but most expensive trip)

1) fly to Athens International Airport.
2) take a taxi from Athens Airport to Kosta (ca. 3 hrs).
4) take a water taxi from Kosta to Spetses Hotel (5 min).

Travel plan 1

Athens airport to Piraeus


There is a direct bus (X96) from the Athens International Airport to Piraeus. Single-trip bus ticket to / from the Airport: Euro 5. The travelling time varies between 1 1/2 and 2 hours depending on the traffic.

All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curbside of the arrivals level of the main terminal building just outside Doors 4-5.


The metro is one of the most stable means of transportation as it is not dependent on the density of the traffic. The metro runs every 30 min. The trip from the airport to Piraeus takes about 1 hr 20 min. There is about 10 min walk from the metro station to Piraeus. Price: Euro 8.


You can also take a taxi.
Price Airport-Piraeus: Euro 50-55, depending on travelling time and the amount of luggage. You normally pay extra for the luggage.

The taxi queue starts from Exit 3 of the Arrivals Level.


For any participant who wishes to take a taxi, a limousine or a van to travel from the Athens airport to Piraeus harbour or to Kosta port and then by water taxi to Spetses, may contact with Mrs Matina Kafkarisiou, the transfer manager of taxies company that cooperates with Spetses Hotel. The cost of the trip depends on the mean of transportation you will choose. We suggestively refer to the most common way which is by taxi from the airport to Kosta port and costs around 200 euros and then by water taxi to Spetses which costs around 25 euros. For more details please contact with Mrs Kafkarisiou on: +30 210 2719555 or on: +30 693 68 93 766 E-mail: business@taxiplon.gr

*Please do not forget to mention the number of your flight and the exact arrival time.

Piraeus (Athens) to Spetses

To get to Spetses from Piraeus you can take a hydrofoil/catamaran (2 1/2 hrs).

Hellenic Seaways: http://www.hellenicseaways.gr (with 5-6 daily trips to Spetses) - ca. Euro 35.

Tickets can be bought online or you can buy the ticket when you arrive at the harbour as there is a ticket office by the hydrofoil.

Spetses harbour to Spetses Hotel

The distance from the harbour to the hotel is approximately 1,2 km.

Means of transportation:

- on foot: it takes about 25 min to walk along the coast

- bus: Euro 1,50 per person

- water taxi: Euro 20

- taxi: ca. Euro 8

- horse buggy
: Euro 10

There is a bus starting from the main square at the front of the Posseidonion Hotel to the right of Dapia Harbour as you look at it from the sea which stops at Spetses Hotel. Price: ca. Euro 1,50.

A water taxi takes up to around 8 people. The water taxis are very close to the hydrofoils and they sail straight to the pier of the Spetses Hotel.

There are seven regular taxis (cars) on Spetses. You can find them in front of the petrol station in the Dapia near the end of the jetty where you disembark from the hydrofoils or catamaran.

The horse buggies, which take up to four people - or two people with luggage - are parked by the harbour in front of the Posseidonion Hotel. Make sure you confirm the fare in advance.

Travel plan 2

Taxi: Athens-Kosta
Water taxi: Kosta-Spetses Hotel

Travelling time Athens-Kosta: ca. 3 hrs.
Price: ca. Euro 200
Travelling time Kosta-Spetses Hotel: ca. 5 min
Price: ca. Euro 25

The easiest way to get to Spetses is to take a taxi directly from the airport to the town of Kosta just opposite the Island of Spetses. It is a very scenic drive. Remember to fix the price before starting the trip. Tell the taxi driver that you are going to Spetses and he'll take you straight to the pier of the water taxis from where you can take a water taxi directly to the Spetses Hotel.

More information about the island on the following website: http://www.spetsesdirect.com/ and http://www.greeka.com/saronic/spetses/spetses.htm


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