Materials Synthesis, Growth & Processing

Instrumentation for laser-based & other type materials growth and processing (thin films, doping, thermal poling, cutting and polishing)

Thin film preparation using

  • spin coater with high resolution velocity determination, chamber environment as well as programmable rotation/coating protocol and dip coater.
  • laser ablation of metallic or ceramic targets in a reactive oxygen ambient atmosphere (R-PLD, Reactive Pulsed Laser Deposition)

The home-made ultra-high vacuum PLD chamber with a close-up of the plume.

Two laser, two-target reactive-PLD (Pulsed-Laser Deposition) for controlled semiconductor doping, including two actively synchronized pulsed lasers (an excimer and a Nd:YAG laser with SHG/THG options), a high vacuum chamber and a stepper-motor controlled XY- translator for the two target mounting and movement.


Double laser-induced plasma during the R-PLD metal oxide thin film doping.


Thermal evaporation




The thermal evaporator used at TPCI for thin coating and electrode deposition.

Home-made Thermal poling (shown here) or corona poling setup used for the creation of nanostructures in isotropic materials and the development of hybrid materials with non-linear optical properties. The setup comprises

  • High voltage supply (15kV @ 3mA)
  • Temperature resistant stainless steel cell with special electrodes for high voltage application and vacuum or constant inert gas flow atmosphere
  • High temperature furnace
  • Rotary vacuum pump


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