X-ray Protein Crystallography Facility - Services

The services provided by the X-ray Protein Crystallography Facility include:

  1. Macromolecular crystallization
  2. Preliminary characterization of protein crystals
  3. X-ray data collection
  4. 3D structure determination of macromolecular targets and complexes
  5. Structure-based design of bioactive molecules (e.g. antidiabetics)


  1. The experiment date is set depending on the availability of the facility
  2. The users attend a short training and then proceed with the use of the specialized equipment for their experiments (depending on their experience pls see users)
  3. The users are responsible for their samples during the experiment and for removing the samples after completion of their work.
  4. Diffraction data are stored for 1 week in the computers of the facility.


The users are distinguished in internal ones coming from IOPC/NHRF and external from academic/research organizations or the private sector.

The users, depending on their experience are classified as
Experienced users (they work independently under the general supervision of the unit coordinators)

  1. Regular users (they work in cooperation with an experienced user)
  2. Inexperienced users (they work under the full supervision of the unit coordinators)


The experiments/studies contacted include a fixed cost for the running costs of the facility.
Additional services for specialized studies will be treated independently and priced accordingly.
Users are responsible for the use of the facility. Any damage caused during the experimental process due to maltreatment of the facility is due to be paid by the user.


  1. The internal users of the facility have priority in using the facility.
  2. The users inform the facility coordinators about their status and level of experience using similar equipment
  3. All users from academic/research organizations should acknowledge the use of the facility in their publications as long as the results produced are emerging from the use of the facility equipment. The coordinators of the unit will be informed for every activity of the kind and the results produced could be published in the website of IOPC/NHRF as a link.

Confidentiality agreement

The data and results produced from the use of the facility are sole property of the users. If required a customized 'non disclosure' agreement could be signed.


For more information please contact
Dr. E.D. Chrysina


National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), 48 Vassileos Constantinou Ave., 11635 Athens, Greece, Tel. +302107273700, Fax. +302107246618