The Animal Lab Facility of the Institute of Chemical Biology Institute of the NHRF

The Animal Lab Facility of the Institute of Chemical Biology of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) fully complies with the national and international standards and specifications of the existing legislation regarding animal research facilities. Our department meets all the requirements for achieving excellence in research.

The department either breeds or purchases (and supplies) laboratory animals to be used in the development of cutting-edge technologies in both the academic and research field, in toxicity studies, in pre-clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, and for educational purposes.
The plant facilities have been licensed by the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. PD / 56/2013 Specifically:

  • License number EL 25 BIObr 031 as a breeding facility.
  • License number EL 25 BIOsup 032 as a supply facility
  • License number for EL 25 BIO 033exp as a research installation

The facility covers an area of 150 square meters, consisting of 8 separate spaces in total and one antechamber. Specifically, the facility contains a quarantine area, a kiln (newly refurbished with optional computer control functions if required), a cleaning area, two spaces for the construction of experimental models other than quarantine, two storage rooms, an operating (surgery) room, and a two-room office with lavatory and shower facilities.

The air conditioning and environmental control system of the Animal Standards Unit has been recently upgraded (2017-2018). The recently installed modern system is fully automated and all functions can be remote controlled and/or cloud operated.

The facility has in place a fire detection system that complies with the current fire-safety regulation. The space is also monitored real time via several web cameras and every viewing can be recorded and monitored remotely through the internet using a computer or mobile device.

The Animal Lab Facility of the Institute of Chemical Biology of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) is highly specialized in preclinical studies and xenografts. The attached publications in high impact factor journals highlight the important collaborations that have been developed in recent years with Academics and research institutions both in our country and abroad.

animal lab image

Evolution with time of (a) tumor volume and (b) % weight change of mice (n = 4) after i.v. injections (indicated by arrows) with: saline (Control), Mag102-6 nano-assemblies without drug (Blank), aqueous cis-Pt solution (FD), cis-Pt-loaded Mag102-6 nano-assemblies (PD), and cis-Pt loaded Mag102-6 nano-assemblies in the presence of an external magnetic field in the tumor area (PDMF). Arrows in (a) and (b) represent tail vein injection events. In (c), pictures of the tumors taken at the end of the study period (38th day) are shown for comparison. (d) Spleen index of mice sacrificed at the end of the in vivo experiment (38th day). (*p b 0.05, **p b 0.01, ***p b 0.001) (Journal of Controlled Release 243 (2016) 342–356).


Publications related to preclinical studies

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